Violin performance for visitors – Wed 3rd July 3.00pm

Parents and friends

You are invited to come into school on Wednesday 3rd July at 3.00pm to listen to Class 2 and 3 as they play some of the pieces they have been learning on the violin. The sessions which started in February have been jointly funded by the School and the School Music Partnership as part of ‘Wider opportunities’.

If your child would like to continue learning the violin next term then small group sessions, in school time, will be provided by Jo Rynott, costing £1.50 per lesson. Information letters, contracts etc are available from the school office. Please contact us if you have any questions.

World War II Topic

What was it like to live in fear of Doodlebugs?

Living in fear of the Doodlebug
The children have designed their own Anderson shelters
The children have designed their own Anderson shelters
Homework researching three facts about a WWII leader - Htiler by NH
Homework researching three facts about a WWII leader – Hitler by NH
Class 2 have looked at how propaganda posters were used during
World War II. Here are some that the children have designed.
Year 3 mind map: what we know
Mindmap – what we know, Class 2
Class 3 WWII Display
Class 3 WWII Display

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Our resident Year 4 WWII aircraft expert
shares his knowledge with Year 5 and 6.

Whirlow Farm Visit

KS2 children enjoyed a great day at Whirlow Farm taking part in WW2 workshops as part of their ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ topic, learning about life on the home front. They dressed up in 1940s clothing to be evacuated for the day and took their war time packed lunch in paper bags.

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The children used a hand pump to extinguish a potato incendiary bomb and took shelter when the air raid siren sounded. The farmer’s wife took them on a tour of a WW2 kitchen. In groups they kneaded dough for home made bread and set out the china for the visiting vicar, as well as having a go at some ‘make do and mend’ activities like knitting and rag rug making. It was very funny watching children peel vegetables and loading scraps into the metal pail for feeding the pigs.  Martha , the ‘land girl’ took the children on a tour of the farm. They had a go at ‘digging for Victory’ in the vegetable patch and had a look at how the farm land was used during the war.

Bikeability in the Snow!

Bikeabilty, Level 1 challenge on the playground
Rising to the challenge

Well done to all our Year 6s who completed their Level 2 Bikeability training on Wednesday, despite the snow! Bikeability is cycling proficiency for the 21st century designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads.

Our trainer for the day was Alastair, from Wheely Fun Wheels, an approved Bikeability trainer working with the School Sport Partnerships who access funding via the Youth Sport Trust. The first session took place on the playground  and included basic bike checks, helmet checks and general handling skills. This Level 1 session concluded with some games; the children barely noticed the falling snow as they rose to the challenge!

After break the children moved on to their Level 2 training on the road outside school. They learnt how to pass a parked vehicle, U-turns, starting and stopping, passing a junction and how to negotiate various left and right turns.

Learning to set off safely
Learning to set off safely

Children completing the course have received an information pack with a certificate and a badge. You can also download the Wheely Fun Wheels information leaflet. They stress that Bikeability training is only the first step in learning how to ride safely on the road. Please go out cycling with your child.

The Race is on!

At the end of last year Class 3 hid a geocache somewhere on the Woolley Moor Trail. Geocaching is a a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enable devices; participants (geocachers) can take part by hiding their own caches for others to find or by hunting out those already set. When you find a cache you should sign the logbook; you can take something out of the cache to keep and leave another item behind. You should also log your experience on the web site.

Occasionally, you may come across  special items in caches which are called trackables. These are not meant to be kept, but instead geocachers move them from cache to cache logging their movements on using the unique code etched on them. The web site allows you to track the progress of these trackables as they travel the world. At the beginning of this year Class 3 set off two of their own trackables in a Travel Bug race against another school’s trackables. The winner will be the trackable which travels the furthest in 2013. Check out our Travel Bug Race page to find out how we are doing or have a look at the map display in the classroom. Our Woolley Wanderer is currently winning the race having already been up to Scotland and back! Our Falcon Flyer is not far behind and is currently in a cache in Cornwall.

Stretton Handley's trackables are in the lead!
Stretton Handley’s trackables are in the lead!

Young Bronze Sports Ambassadors

Our Young Ambassadors

Last week three of our children attended a Young Bronze Ambassador Conference, in Chesterfield, run by the NE Derbyshire School Sport Partnership. The role of the Young Bronze Sports Ambassador is to bring the inspiration and magic of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to other young people in their School.

The children listened to an inspiring talk from an Olympic Games Maker  and took part in Boccia session (a Paralympic sport) led by two Young Platinum Sports Ambassadors from a local secondary school. Finally, after a presentation on how to set up a School Sport Organising Crew, the children got together in a brainstorming session to decide how they were going to start to take on an active role in the selection of sports in their own schools. It is hoped this will lead to new sports competitions taking place within the school and eventually between schools.

Geocaching on the Woolley Moor Trail

On Thursday afternoon, not dissuaded by the bitterly cold weather, Class 3 donned their wellies and warm clothes to walk the Woolley Moor Trail.  They were accompanied by Mr Cooke, Mrs Mahadevan and Mrs Gill (Chair of Governors).  The children had a great time stamping in partially frozen puddles as well as completing their question sheets!

We also took the opportunity to hide our first Geocache somewhere along the trail. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. We registered our cache, Give Way’, on and within an hour of being published, a first to find (FTF) was logged on the web site!

If you want to find out more about geocaching, visit or download this leaflet.