Travel Bug Race – 2013

This year we are racing our two travel bugs, “The Falcon Flyer” and “The Woolley Wanderer” against two more travel bugs, “Tommy the Tortoise” and “Hopper the Hare“, which belong to The Granville Girls School in Kent. Ours are both setting off from the school’s cache, “Give Way” which was hidden at the end of 2012 somewhere along the Woolley Moor Trail. The winner of the race will be the bug that travels the furthest in 2013. You can check their progress on this page.

The Falcon Flyer travel bugRammie travel bugHopper the Hare travel bugTommy the Tortoise travel bug

We have high hopes for our Falcon Flyer; did you know that the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest living creature on Earth? Let’s hope it doesn’t get waylaid on it’s travels like Hare did in the Aesop Fable! Watch out for the Woolley Wanderer though, it could just be a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Dropping off our travel bugs to start the race
Dropping off our travel bugs to start the race

If you don’t know what geocaching is or want to know what a travel bug is, visit