Bronze Ambassador Event

Bronze Ambassador Event Report!!!

On Tuesday 20th June 2017 the whole school took part in our Quad kids athletics event. The 4 events the children did were: long run (2 laps of the field), short run (50m sprint), standing long jump and howler javelin throw.

First of all the infants came out. We split them into 4 groups and sent them off to their first event. The children completed all 4 events with us running them and LS taking lovely photos.

Next the juniors came out and did the same.

Both groups really listened to us and made it fun for us and for them.

We have worked out the results and we have decided on a boy winner and a girl winner for each class.

The results sheets are here for people to see

The winners are …

Woodpecker class – HW and LH

Peregrine class – LH and LR

Kingfisher class – MK and RL

written by LJ (Media Bronze Ambassador)