We are the ‘Dragon’s Den’ competition winners!

Dragon’s Den competition winners! Dragon’s Den competition winners!

Our winning Dragon's Den presenters

Our winning Dragon’s Den presenters

Fantastic news – our school has won the Cluster Primary School Dragon’s Den Competition! The £250 prize money will be presented to our school by members of the Dragon’s Den Panel in the next couple of weeks. Well done to everyone who contributed ideas and a special thank you to the three children (one Year 6 and two Year 4s) who went along to pitch the winning idea for a ‘learning garden’ to the Dragon’s Den. Our team spoke clearly and well and answered questions confidently. The Dragon’s Den panel were impressed with the way the children talked about the plans and also loved the fact that the ‘Learning Garden’ is building on and developing what we already have. They thought it was great that, as a school, children have already organised Enterprise fund raising activities to support putting plans for the ‘learning Garden ‘ into place.

CONGRATULATIONS – What exciting news!


We are the ‘Dragon’s Den’ competition winners! — 7 Comments

  1. I think the insect hotel is a brilliant idea because it a home to wild life and also will be really fun to make!

  2. I am realy excited about getting the mud kitchen because I like getting messy!

  3. I think the water feature and colourful plants would be nice because the colourful plants will attract butterflies and bees and the water feature will look very pretty in our school gardens.

  4. Am really excited that we are getting a insect hotel because you can look at the animals.

  5. I’m looking forward to the chill out area because me and my friends can
    talk in private. If we’re upset we can go to the chill out area for some peace and quiet with no disturbance. Sometimes if it’s not our Buddy day or our Mini-leader day we can relax in peace. I’m really excited and I can’t wait until it begins.