Bronze Ambassador Event

Bronze Ambassador Event Report!!!

On Tuesday 20th June 2017 the whole school took part in our Quad kids athletics event. The 4 events the children did were: long run (2 laps of the field), short run (50m sprint), standing long jump and howler javelin throw.

First of all the infants came out. We split them into 4 groups and sent them off to their first event. The children completed all 4 events with us running them and LS taking lovely photos.

Next the juniors came out and did the same.

Both groups really listened to us and made it fun for us and for them.

We have worked out the results and we have decided on a boy winner and a girl winner for each class.

The results sheets are here for people to see

The winners are …

Woodpecker class – HW and LH

Peregrine class – LH and LR

Kingfisher class – MK and RL

written by LJ (Media Bronze Ambassador)

Cross Country and fun to run

On Thursday 6th October 28 children (over 60% of the school!) went to Tupton Hall for the Cross country and fun to run competitions. Once the races started there were hundreds of people there running and supporting the children.

The Stretton Handley children performed brilliantly in the course which was nearly 2000m for the years 4, 5 and 6 and 1000m for the year 2 and 3’s.

Special mentions go out to LH who came 2nd overall in the y4 girls competition and GT and FT who came 5th and 3rd respectively in the year 3 boys and year 3 girls competition.

The children had a fantastic time at such a well run event!

Bronze Ambassador Event

On Tuesday the 21st of June 2016 Stretton Handley primary school held a quad-kids event run by the four bronze ambassadors (HR, MK, RL, TB). The four activities the children took part in were howler javelin, long run, short run and long jump.

The winners in class 1 were GT and BP. The winners in class 2 were LR and GH. And the winners in class 3 were TM and ER.

Photos and results tables from the event are on display in the school hall.

Everyone enjoyed the event and performed really well.

Written by HR

Sport Relief Mile!

On Friday 18th March the Stretton Handley pupils, parents, staff and some members of the local community went down to the Jubilee playing fields to take part in a sponsored mile in order to raise money for sport relief.

The weather held out long enough for over 80 people to take part in completing the mile, some running, some walking, (some people getting a lift!).

Everyone appeared to enjoy the event and everyone did a fantastic job as over £1000 has been raised for Sport Relief! This is such a fantastic effort from a school of our size so well done to everyone that donated and collected!

Well done Stretton Handley!

Rugby Megafest Champions!

On Thursday 10th March 2016 the year 5 and 6 children went to Tupton Hall for the afternoon to participate in the ‘Rugby Megafest’. The children participated in 8 different skills based events including: rugby rounders, catch the tag and rugby scarecrow. 16 different schools were at the event and although it was fun, skills based and non competitive, there was a winner.

Unbeknown to the schools the leaders running each event were marking the schools out of 10 for there engagement, sportsmanship, effort and ability. Once all 8 stations had been completed the schools were given an overall mark out of 80 and Stretton Handley received the highest mark making us champions of the Rugby Megafest!

The children had a fantastic time and now have a big trophy on display at the entrance of our school. Well done to all the year 5 and 6 children that took part.

Cross country and fun run competition

On Wednesday 7th October the year 2 and 3 children took part in a fun run at Tupton Hall and the year 4, 5 and 6 children took part in the cross country competition.

All together over 300 children were at the event with 26 coming from Stretton Handley! Our best ever turn out! The cross country course was very muddy and nearly 2 miles long! The fun run course was also very muddy and nearly 1 mile long!

Cross Country and Fun Run

All the children did very well and completed the course and had fun doing so (including the odd bit of mud and conker collecting!).

Overall 11 schools entered the competition and Stretton Handley came 9th. Individually in the Y456 event, TM came 27th out of all 89 girls and MB came 31st out of all 99 boys. In the fun run event, LR and LH were the first two children back for Stretton Handley.

Well done and congratulations to all that took part!

Swimming gala results

The children took part in the swimming gala at Sharley Park leisure centre on Thursday 26th March 2015. 8 swimmers, 4 boys and 4 girls from year 3 up to year 6 made the Stretton Handley team.
This year’s team achieved the best results the school has ever had. All 8 children managed to get to a final and so all received a certificate.

The results were as follows:
Boys 25m butterfly: LT 3rd in heat, 6th in final.
Girls 25m butterfly: HL 3rd in heat, 6th in final.
Boys 25m front crawl: MM 5th in heat.
Girls 25m front crawl: HR 4th in heat.
Boys 25m back crawl: NH 2nd in heat, 2nd in final.
Boys 25m breastroke:RL 4th in heat.
Girls 25m breastroke: ML 4th in heat.
Boys 50m freestyle: LT 3rd in heat, 5th in final.
Girls 50m freestyle: HL 3rd in heat, 6th in final.
Boys 4 x 25m freestyle relay: NH, LT, RL, MM 4th in heat, 6th in final.
Girls 4 x 25m freestyle relay: HL, MT, LG, HR 4th in heat, 6th in final.

Well done to all 8 children who showed excellent sportsmanship throughout, cheering each other on for all the races.

Partake Theatre Ancient Egyptian Day!

In the morning the children looked at some different artefacts from tombs, they discussed the daily life of people from different stages in the hierachy and they created and then described some smells from ancient Egypt. The final part of the morning involved dressing a child as an ancient Egyptian pharoah!

In the afternoon the children all got dressed up and took part in an ancient Egyptian burial ceremony. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and they acted their roles brilliantly.

Finally the children did an arts and crafts session and made their own Egyptian cartouche.

Partake Theatre

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt a lot about the way of life in ancient Egypt.

We’d like to thank Partake theatre for the excellent day!