Football match report vs Grassmoor

On Thursday 11th October Stretton Handley faced their second home match of the season at home against a good Grassmoor team.

Stretton started the game with a fast pace. Some quick foot work from MH created a chance which was blocked by the defender. Once again, LH continued to impress in her central midfield role and her long throw in created the first goal. The throw caused a scramble in the box which led to LR laying the ball off for MH to tap home, 1-0. From kick-off, a good tackle by GH and pass from GT left LR with the ball. He played a good ball through the middle which MH ran onto and passed the ball into the bottom corner, 2-0. Just before half tim,e the Grassmoor defence played a hopeful ball up the field and with the wind swirling round, TH in goal misjudged the ball and unfortunately it landed in the back of the net. Half time 2-1.

The second half began and Stretton Handley now had the extra wind on their side. They played a fantastic second half. A solid midfield performance from LR and LH meant that Grassmoor struggled to create any chances and when they did, the excellent defence by KH, GT, RJ and GH proved too strong for the attackers.

KH made a good tackle and passed to LR who then played a good low ball to MH who scored his hat trick, 3-1. Two minutes later and LH passed to MH who again proved to fast and skillful for Grassmoor and scored his 4th goal! 4-1. Grassmoor did create one good chance and a fantastic double save from TH  kept the score at 4-1.

With 2 minutes left LR found himself 1 on 1 with the keeper and he shot well but the keeper closed down the angle and managed to save it.

Finally, RJ, with a tackle / shot saw the ball perfectly fly into the top corner. What a goal! 5-1 to Stretton Handley.

A fantastic performance all round with a stand out performance by MH (4 goals) and LR who were voted joint star players by the Grassmoor manager. An excellent win by an improving team!

Football match report vs Tupton

On Monday 1st October, Stretton Handley started their league campaign in a home match against Tupton. After a thorough warm up led by captain LR the team were ready and it showed, as Stretton took early control in the game, with LH, LR and MH dominating possession in Tupton’s half. However, Tupton defended well and Stretton couldn’t find the goal they deserved. After 14 minutes, a brilliant long throw by LH put MH one-on-one with the keeper and he made no mistake. slotting the ball into the bottom corner, 1-0 Stretton.

The goal filled the Stretton team with confidence and 2 minutes later, after a good tackle by KH, LR got the ball and passed to LH. who then passed to MH, who again skillfully wrong footed the keeper and smashed the ball into the net. 2-0. A brilliant first half performance!

The second half started and Tupton started to pile on the pressure. Stretton were deep in their own half and defending well. RJ made a crucial header and TH made 2 brilliant saves in the goal. From a Tupton corner, GT calmly cleared the ball down the line which MH chased and with excellent skill dribbled down the wing, cut into the box and was fouled in order to win a penalty! Chance for his hat trick maybe? Not! Captain LR decided to step up for the penalty and dilled low and hard only for the keeper to make a good save.

Tupton then started to dominate possession and a mistake in defence led to a one-on-one, but up stepped goalkeeper, TH, to make a fantastic low save. However, from the resulting corner, Tupton managed to create a shooting chance from outside the box and it curled right into the top corner 2-1. Tupton grew in confidence now and again had 2 good chances with GT clearing one of the line and KH making a strong tackle to deny another.

However with 4 minutes left TH made a good safe and the ball fell to LR who mistakenly hand balled it to give Tupton a penalty and chance to equalise. The Tupton striker smashed the ball home to make it 2-2.

In the final 2 minutes LH had a brilliant shot cleared off the line and MH, with fantastic skill, smashed the ball like a rocket, which somehow the Tupton keeper managed to save. 2-2 the game finished and a point each to the two teams.

Star player of the match was voted by the Tupton manager and was given to LH with MH a very close second. Also a stand out league debut for KH.

An excellent game played well by both teams!

Next game at home vs Grassmoor on Thursday 11th October 2018.

Bronze Ambassador Event!

On Wednesday 27th June 2018 the young Bronze Ambassadors ran a whole school multi sports event. All the children joined in fantastically and listened to the Year 5 Bronze Ambassadors carefully.

After explanations and demonstrations, the children competed in teams to complete a number of races and events. Firstly they did the relay. Next they did the shot putt and then they completed a longer distance run. The children had a short drinks break and then finally competed in traditional races such as a sack and bean bag race.

The event went very smoothly with all Bronze ambassadors contributing well. LR and LH took a lead in explanations, LP took photos and wrote this report, GH and TH started races and organised teams and KH and RJ encouraged and motivated children throughout the events.

Well done to all the children especially the Bronze Ambassadors!

Completed by LP.

Runners up! Football Final League Table 2017/18

Congratulations Stretton Handley Primary School football team on the school’s best ever finish in the league! Runners up!

Well done to all the players involved and a huge thank you to parents for supporting the team throughout the season.

Well done!

Team Played Won Drew Lost GF GA GD Points
Hunloke 9 7 1 1 35 12 23 22
Stretton Handley 9 5 2 2 27 18 9 17
Hady 9 4 4 1 27 7 20 16
Sharley Park 9 5 1 3 36 18 18 16
Park House 9 4 2 3 16 12 4 14
Ashover 9 4 1 4 28 33 -5 13
North Wingfield 9 2 3 4 8 27 -19 9
Holmgate 9 1 5 3 10 18 -8 8
Grassmoor 9 2 1 6 21 34 -13 7
Tupton 9 0 2 7 2 29 -27 2

Football Match report vs Grassmoor

On Thursday 3rd May, Stretton Handley football team travelled to Grassmoor Primary for the final game of the season. Again, the team were without usual captain LM.

Straight from kick off, Grassmoor started fast and took the lead within 2 minutes with a good low shot that TH had no chance to save. Stretton kept on battling and had a few good chances through MH, LR and RJ. However, just before half time Grassmoor scored again to make it 2-0.

After a quick team talk, the Stretton team came out fast and scored through a brilliant tackle by MT which led to MH running through and smashing the ball into the roof of the net to make it 2-1. Stretton kept up the pressure and from a good kick by TH, GH found herself on the edge of the Tupton box only for the goalkeeper to come out and smother the ball.

Tupton managed to break through with 10 minutes to go and increase their lead to 3-1. Again though, Stretton didn’t give up and LH played a good pass to LR who crossed for MH who brought it down and calmly placed the ball into the corner to make it 3-2.

Stretton were searching for the equaliser and were caught on a counter attack which led to a penalty decision, which was waved off as advantage, leading to a Tupton goal, causing confusion amongst players and parents. TH as well as the Stretton defence stopped as the whistle went, only for the referee to wave play on. A very debatable goal to make it 4-2 to Tupton.

In the last minute a driving run from RL nearly completed the scoring only for his shot to go just wide of the post.

A good final match of the season with an unfortunate defeat.

Football Match report vs Tupton

On Tuesday 1st May Stretton Handley football team travelled to Tupton Primary for the penultimate game of the season. Without top goal scorer LM, the Stretton team took to the field with a point to prove. Within minutes of kick off they proved that point!

Straight from kick off Stretton won a throw in. Captain LR took a long throw into the box which resulted with a defensive error and the ball hitting a defender and flying into the net to make it 1-0. Stretton continued to battle and an acrobatic over head kick from RJ threatened the Tupton goal but the Tupton goalkeeper produced an excellent save.

Tupton started to get into the game and would have scored, had it not been for excellent defending from LH and RL and then a brilliant diving save by TH. Half time 0-1 Stretton Handley.

The second half was very tight with Tupton looking for the equaliser. Stretton again defended well with GT and GH not letting the ball past them.

With around 10 minutes to go, a good dribble by MH led to a Stretton Handley corner. MT moved into midfield and was in the box ready to score her first goal for the team…and she did! The ball was crossed in and fell to MT’s feet and she powerfully smashed the ball into the bottom corner to make it 2-0.

Stretton then controlled the game to the end and with a minute to go. Vice captain LH passed to MH who ran through and slotted the ball coolly past the goalkeeper to make it 3-0.

A brilliant team performance by Stretton Handley.

Football match report vs Holmgate

On a very wet and boggy pitch, Stretton Handley took to the field to face Holmgate and the Stretton players were eager to make up for the collapse in the last game.

However,  the game started differently to how the Stretton players wanted and within a minute of kick off, Holmgate took the lead with a low strike into the corner. 0-1 Holmgate.

Stretton fought back well though and an impressive piece of dribbling saw LM run to the halfway line and unleash a powerful shot into the top corner to equalise. The Holmgate goalkeeper had no chance! 1-1

Holmgate came back again and some good defending by LH, MT and GH kept their attackers at bay. With 5 minutes to half time TH made an incredible save to a rocket of a shot that was heading into the roof of the net. However, from the resulting corner, Holmgate managed to score to make it 1-2.

Unfortunately for the Stretton Handley defence, right on half time, the ball got stuck in the mud inside Stretton’s box which allowed another goal for Holmgate. 1-3 Holmgate at half time.

After much needed drinks, a quick rest and a team talk changing tactics, Stretton Handley came out in the second half in fine form. A couple of good attacks saw them grow in confidence.

Stretton Handley hadn’t given up and they wanted to mirror what had happened to them in the previous game and make a stunning come back.

They did just that!

First, a good pass by LR saw MH run through and tap the ball into the bottom corner to make it 2-3. Then a good run by LR saw him fouled in the box to win a penalty in the bog! Unfortunately LR powered his penalty wide of the post.

Stretton Handley began to dominate possession and were piling pressure on the Holmgate defence.

Excellent passing from defence through to attack meant that LR had a free shot which he smashed into the net to equalise. 3-3

Finally,with only 3 minutes remaining, Stretton Handley won a corner. The ball was crossed in and the boggy ground made it difficult for Holmgate to clear the ball. A goal mouth scramble resulted in the ball hitting a lot of  legs before eventually LR managed to tap the ball into the net to complete the fantastic come back and make it 4-3 to Stretton Handley.

Stretton Handley defended the final few minutes well and managed to win with a very impressive second half performance.

Well done to all the players involved!

Stretton Handley 4-3 Holmgate

Football match report vs Ashover

On Thursday 22nd March 2018, Stretton Handley faced Ashover, in what proved to be a close game and an incredible fight back by Ashover at the end.

Stretton Handley started the game quickly with LM firing in a good shot into the bottom corner to put Stretton 1 nil up. Some excellent defending from LH and RL kept Stretton in the lead and allowed LR and MH to create a lovely passing move to free LM for his second goal, 2-0 Stretton.

As the half time whistle approached, an excellent tackle and pass by LH saw LM take control of the ball and fire a long pass over the Ashover defence which MH ran onto and scored a fantastic volley into the bottom corner to make it 3-0.

Seconds before half time, Ashover pulled a goal back with a powerful shot that beat TH. 3-1.

The second half started and Ashover came out strong and again scored a powerful shot to make it 3-2. Stretton fought back however and with a well worked corner, MH scored a bullet header at the front post to give Stretton a 4-2 lead.

Ashover started to dominate possession and were firing shots at TH and the Stretton defence. However, on a counter attack, a good pass by RJ saw LM dribble free and slot the ball passed the keeper to make it 5-2.

With only 7 minutes remaining Ashover again piled on the pressure and a couple of mistakes in the Stretton defence saw Ashover score 2 quick fire goals to make it 5-4.

Finally,with only 1 minute left, Ashover completed their come back with a good strike into the roof of the net to complete the scoring. The game finished 5-5 in what felt like a defeat for the Stretton Handley players after being 5-2 up!

Again, a very entertaining game with plenty of goals and positive football played by both teams throughout.

NEDSSP Dance Platform

On Tuesday 13th March Year 3 and 4 children went to the Winding Wheel, Chesterfield, to take part in the NED SSP Dance Platform event, performing their ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ themed dance.

In front of an audience of over 400 people, the children performed their dance on the stage and did so fantastically!  The huge round of applause at the end showed how much everybody enjoyed it and how impressed they were.

A huge thank you and congratulations to all the children involved for representing our school and performing  so well. A particular thank you to Mrs Turner for her hard work organising and choreographing the dance. What a wonderful opportunity for all the children involved and a fantastic, confidence building experience.

Well done everyone!

Cross Country

On Thursday 12th October, the year 4, 5 and 6 cross country runners went up to Tupton Hall School for North East Derbyshire cross country event. A team of 9 children attended from Stretton Handley with over 150 children at the event!

The year 4 course was 1500m, the year 5 course, 2000m and the year 6 course 2500m, all across fields and up and down steep slopes.

Stretton Handley had their best ever results at this event and they were as follows:

Year 4 boys race – GT 2nd out of 26 (silver medal!!)

Year 4 girls race – BP 5th, FT 6th, LK 7th out of 28.

Year 5 boys race – RJ 17th out of 27.

Year 5 girls race – LH 1st out of 24 (gold medal!!!) 

Year 6 boys race – LM 1st out of 25 (gold medal!!!)

Year 6 girls race – IT 5th, MT 15th out of 24.

The children did a fantastic job representing the school and shocked and surprised many with their incredible results showing great determination and fitness!

Well done Stretton Handley!