Tree Survey

Junior children have carried out a tree survey in the school grounds, giving them the opportunity to use a variety of ICT skills including:

  • digital photography – carrying out a photographic survey of trees using a digital camera on loan from Tupton Hall School. Details such as leaves, bark, fruit/seeds and tree form were recorded
  • graphical modelling – producing a plan of the school grounds showing the position and species of each tree, together with key, scale and bearing
  • searching large databases – use of the Internet, reference CD-ROMS and books to find out about trees
  • wordprocessing – combining text and images to produce a page of information about each tree with a view to publishing on the internet
  • branching database – design of a yes/no questionnaire type database as an aid to tree identification

KEY: Click on the tree symbols below to find out more about the tree

Silver Birch cherry Cherry Alder Alder
ash Ash cypress Cypress blackthorn Blackthorn
maple Maple hawthorn Hawthorn Tree rowan Rowan
sycamore Sycamore hawthorn Hawthorn Bush elder Elder
 X Identified Ivy Ivy Covered Ash