Partake Theatre workshop KS2 Feb 26th

‘Walk like an Egyptian’ – KS2

Wednesday 26th February

As part of our topic about Ancient Egypt we have organized a ‘Partake’ theatre workshop day in school on 26th February. (Please note there will be no violin/viola tuition on this day). Partake have visited us several times eg Ancient Greece’ ‘Victorian seaside’, ‘The Home Front’, and the sessions are always interesting and fun as well as educational.  Children will take part in a variety of workshops discovering the mysteries of an Ancient Egyptian burial ceremony – investigating and handling artefacts used in mummification ;discovering the clothing and makeup of an Egyptian princess; creating a cartouche; taking part in a atmospheric ‘burial ceremony’ where the story unfolds through the use of costume,  narration, mime, music, dance and drama.Please return slips and contributions to the class teacher or office. Thank you