Programming Links

Scratch – Tile-based visual programming environment and toolkit, lets kids make games, animated stories, interactive art, and share with others on the Net. Version 1.4 can still be downloaded for use with Code Club.

BBC Micro:bit – The official website for writing code for the BBC Micro:bit. It include loads of ideas and resources to make the most of this exciting device.

Micro:bit Classroom – Easily manage students’ work when programming the BBC micro:bit

Tynker – An online visual programming based on Scratch. A range of starter activities for different abilities and age groups can be found in the “Hour of Code” section.

Light-bot – Introducing concepts of programming through a puzzle game. Apps available for iOS and Android with a trial browser version which can be played online or downloaded to a PC. Fuller older versions are available for PC on the internet. video – An inspiring video where the world’s top programmers talk about their humble beginnings with coding and what their work lives are like. – Register as a teacher at and set up sections for each of your classes. Pupils can then sign up to their class by entering a code given to them by their teacher at Pupils can then work through a 20-hour course, consisting of both online tutorials and offline, teacher-facilitated lessons. (NB a modern browser such as Chrome is required if using Windows XP machines).

Hopscotch – Coding for kids using a visual programming language designed for the ipad.

Daisy the Dinosaur – Another ipad app where young children can learn the basics of computer programming.

Junior Computer Science – Computer Science planning resources for Junior children developed by Phil Bagge.

Hour of Code –

BBC Primary Computing