Story Based Poems

Silver Fish

When fishing in the deep sea
I caught a silver fish for me
And then he begged “please let me go
and I will grant your wish!”
This was an offer I couldn’t refuse,
so I told my wish to the fish
I said out loud “I wish I had a palace”
“Your wish is granted, now let me go!”
I tossed the fish into the sea, off he went to ‘n’ fro
And there before my eyes stood a palace of gold
And then I shouted to the fish-
“thank you for my household!”

The palace was beyond all my dreams
“I’m rich, I’m rich” or so it seemed,
My palace was so clean, it glistened in the sun
And now it’s time to look inside
At the wonderful things, I sighed
At the beautiful things inside
And ever since, I’ve met that fish,
I prayed to god, and thanked him for my wish.

by Jody

The Silver Fish

One day while I was fishing at sea, a silver fish spoke to me,
Oh, if only I could throw him back not anything I would lack.
So then I threw it back to sea, I swore the fish it grinned at me.
You foolish child, the fish it said, and it swam away, my face was red.
Again the next day I caught that fish, It said it would grant any wish.
But I would not take any chances, I just gave it a couple of glances.
I did not throw it back to sea, Although it looked with great plea,
I ate it up on a silver dish. The moral is: don’t trust a fish!

by Laura