Sandwich Poems

Teacher Said..

You can use…
Jogged and dashed,
Bolted, sprinted, rushed and spurted,
Flashed and trotted,
But don’t use ran.

You can use…
Crawled, limp and hobble,
Amble, step and stride,
Plod, stagger and shuffle,
But don’t use walk.

You can use…
Slither, stumble and stroll,
Sway, stagger and lurch,
Dodder, zoom and streak,
But don’t use move.

By Sharni

Teacher Said…

You can use
bolted, darted, dashed,
hurried, jogged, raced, scurried,
speeded, sprinted,
But don’t use run.

You can use
amble, crawl, creep, dodder,
hike, march, ramble, scuttle,
shamble, stroll, tramp, totter, stride,
But don’t use walk.

You can use
fly, journey, pass, slither,
tour, travel, cruise, make headway,
scamper, march, proceed,
but don’t use move!

By Adam H