Cautionary Tales

The Boy Who Crossed His Eyes

Michael was a naughty lad, he crossed his eyes when he got mad.
One day when he was very mad he crossed his eyes at his poor Dad.
He crossed them at his sisters and brother, then he crossed them at his mother.
His mother couldn’t take the sight, and took him to see Dr.Height.
The doctor looked him up and down, and responded with a tight lipped frown.
” If the wind should change,” she did cry,” you’ll stay like that till the day you die!”
But Michael didn’t listen, Michael didn’t care,
He exasperated his mother, his Dad sighed in despair.

The Gods were watching naughty Michael, who was on his way to the park to cycle.
He crossed his eyes at the sky, as he cycled slowly by.
Hermes the Great Greek God of wind,
Discovered how this boy had sinned.
He blew a wind from Heaven above,
And gave him a face only a mother could love.
So then forth and so then on,
Michael’s eyes were truly gone!

by Laura

Max who never Listens

Max would talk all day
taking no notice to what anyone would say.
He lived with his Uncle Charlie,
who loved drinking fruit barley.
Max went to school where a fireman
was talking about how to take care
of how to escape from a hot and flaming fire.
But Max was talking about last nights dare,
the fireman’s words were lost up in the air.
Later that day Uncle Charlie
went to a finale.
Max was left at home
all alone.
He shouted “help! help! what shall I do,
there’s a fire in my house!”
Everyone shouted back,
“you should have listened to the fireman.”
When Uncle Charlie got back from the finale,
little Max was burned to ashes
and all over his body were big fat rashes.
All Uncle Charlie could say was
if he would have listened to that little talk
that the fireman gave,
little Max would not have ended up in a grave.

by Emma C

The Boy Who Can Never Stop Talking

Harry was a chatterbox
He even chattered to the fox.
His Mum and Dad could never find time to say
Harry shut up and go away.
When he got to school in the morning,
There would be a shout “Harry Warning”.
One night when Harry was in bed
a voice said
“you stop talking,
take this as a warning”
Harry thought it was a joke
But then he felt a poke.
That day he found that he was in a world of his own
And there standing was a man with a bone.
He said to Harry
If you carry
on talking you will be sorry
But Harry kept on talking
He did not take the warning.
So his mouth was zipped forever.
Now he could never find time to say
“I will shut up and go away”

by Joe