Animal Poems

Tommy the Tortoise

Tommy the tortoise isn’t just lazy
he’s just slow.
And when you are not watching
he’s off on the run!
Slow and steady wins the race
but not at this pace!
He will never know Christmas,
he’s a part-time pet,
his legs like short tree trunks,
he lives in his “slow!”
And scales too
but it’s dinner now “whey whooo!”
I like Tommy,
and can you keep a secret,
he likes you too.

by Sophie

An Animal Does

Dogs growl
lions prowl.

Larks soar
tigers roar.

Squirrels scamp
elephants stamp.

Monkeys giggle
worm’s wiggle.

Flamingos doze
a crow crows.

Rabbits nibble
cows dribble.

Parrots talk but…
I walk!

by Sam

Debra the Zebra

There was a zebra
who was called Debra.
Who had a stride
who was always open wide.
The stripes went up and down
and really looked like a clown.
And that is the end
of my striped friend

by Jake

Animal Sounds

Birds singing
Ducks quacking
Cats miaowing
Dogs ruffing
Horse neighing
Sheep baaing.

by Charlie