Our Enterprising Tuck Shop

Class 3 Tuck ShopClass 3 has started running a tuck shop. We raised money to start it by running a Christmas coffee morning and inviting all the parents. We made over £20 and managed to buy stock and a place to keep it.

We have been running the tuck shop for about 6 weeks! Every few weeks we go out to buy stock. We have a wide range of sweets, fruits and savoury items. We have a treat day every Thursday which means we can buy chocolate, Haribos and lolly pops. On Thursdays, the tuck shop is really popular because it is sweet day, and every body loves sweets! On Fridays two Infant class school council members run the tuck shop, when KS2 go swimming. On other weekdays we have breadsticks, apples, bananas and a mixture of raisins.

We make around ten pounds profit each week from the tuck shop. We are saving our tuck shop money to buy a bin for the school playground. With our tuck shop money we have already bought name badges for our buddy and mini leader jobs.

By NS, MG, EE & RL Class 3