KS2 Blended Learning Timetable

9:00 am Activity 1 – Exercise

Your day should start with a morning exercise activity please select one from below.

The body coach with Joe Wicks


Movement and Mindfullness with GoNoodle

9:30 Activity 2 – Spellings

One activity from the spelling booklet should be completed each day.

Follow the spellings from Spellzoo as directed by your teacher on ClassDojo.

You should also aim to complete spelling activities from Spelling Frame on the link provided


10:00 Activity 3 – Guided Reading

Log onto I Hub and complete one of the activities based on First News.


Once you complete all the Fist News I Hub activities you will need to follow the links and go to Once Upon a Picture or Pobble 365 and complete the activities related to the pictures for that day or a picture of your own choice.



10:30am Activity 4 – Take a break

You should use this time to relax have a break/snack or go out to play in the garden for 20 minutes.

11:00am Activity 5 – Mathematics times tables

Begin by logging onto TT Rock Stars and practicing your times tables.


If you need to learn and practice a particular times table at a more leisurely pace, visit https://www.timestables.co.uk

11:15am Activity 6 – Mathematics Oak Academy daily lessons

Follow the link for your daily Oak Academy lesson, as directed by your class teacher, on ClassDojo.

The  link below is the general link for all maths lessons on Oak Academy


12:00 Activity 7 – Lunchtime

Have a healthy, well balanced meal.
Have a talk to an adult about what you’ve learnt this morning.

1:10pm-1:30pm Activity 8- Collective Worship

Take time to think and reflect on your day so far.  Watch a Collective Worship by Michael J Tinker.   

1:30pm- 3:30 pm Activity 9 – Time to Get Creative

The afternoons are for you to get creative and decide what you want to write/create/produce based around you class topic. It is your choice what type of work you complete.

Your teacher will give you some ideas of what you may wish to do but it is the chance for you to be imaginative and decide what you want to work on.

Alternatively, your class teacher may provide you with a pack of work related to your topic for you to complete. If you do not receive a pack complete the highlighted task above.