At Stretton Handley CE Primary School, our Geography curriculum is knowledge rich and
ensures that key skills and vocabulary are reinforced in meaningful contexts. This is achieved through first-hand experiences and our authentic outcomes. Knowledge is deliberately constructed so our children’s geographical knowledge is built upon each year. This
allows our children to understand their sense of personal, local and global place in the world. Children will learn through a progressive framework that will allow them to draw upon
aspects of geography which include locational, human and physical knowledge and fieldwork skills. This knowledge will allow opportunities to widen horizons and for our children to make responsible choices to create a sustainable future.


At Stretton Handley CE (VC) Primary School geography is taught through a topic approach alongside all subjects, as well as through independent lessons. Our Curriculum is carefully planned to engage and excite all our learners. Our long-term and medium-term plans map out the themes covered each term for each key stage. These plans define what we will teach and ensure an appropriate balance and distribution of work across each term.  

We use a variety of teaching and learning styles in our geography lessons. We encourage children to handle artefacts and to ask as well as answer geographical questions. We offer them the opportunity to use a variety of data, such as maps, statistics, graphs, pictures, aerial photographs, geographical footage and we enable them to use IT in geography lessons where this serves to enhance their learning. Wherever possible, we involve the children in ‘real’ geographical activities, e.g. research of a local environmental problem, visiting relevant sites and carrying out fieldwork. We recognise the fact that we have children of differing ability in all our classes, and so we provide suitable learning opportunities for all children by matching the challenge of the task to the ability of the child. We achieve this through a range of strategies which are differentiated by task, expected outcome and/or support from peers or adults.  


The impact of our geography curriculum is that our learners are equipped with the geographical skills and knowledge that will enable them to be ready for the secondary curriculum and for life as an adult in the wider world. The children will be able to discuss their learning and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through a range of activities. The children’s learning is assessed against the age-related expectations that are based on the 2014 National Curriculum statements for Geography. 

Geography Policy- 2022

Geography Knowledge and Progression Overview