Rocks and Soils

NGfL Cymru - Online soil experiment

NGfL Cymru – Online soil experiment

This NGfL Cymru pack provides an online soil experiment as well as key facts about soil. it includes an online activity designed to illustrate soil drainage and the composition of different soils.

BBC Schools - Rocks and Soils

BBC Science Clips – Rocks and Soils

Use the simulator to find out the properties of different rocks such as slate, marble and granite. Find out what each rock is commonly used for.

BBC KS2 Bitesize Rocks and Soils

BBC KS2 Bitesize – Rocks and Soils

Test your materials knowledge and save the planet in the Sarah Jane Adventures Rocks and Soils game. Additional material includes fact files about the characteristics of rocks, soils and the uses of rocks and a text based quiz to test what you have learnt.

Digital Brain – Rocks and Soils

Find out about different rock types, how they are formed and what they can be used for.

rock cycle

Geological Society – Rock Cycle (KS3)

Although aimed at KS3 pupils, you may find useful information about rock types with examples and also the different processes involved in rock formation.