At Stretton Handley CE Primary School, our Computing curriculum is knowledge rich and ensures
that key skills and vocabulary are reinforced safely in meaningful contexts. This is achieved through first-hand experiences and authentic outcomes. Computing skills are revisited so our children’s computing knowledge is built upon each year. This allows the children to
understand and safely apply their computing knowledge and understand the part computing plays on the wider world. Children will learn this through various digital media platforms, which will allow them to understand their computing legacy and how this impacts their future.


At Stretton Handley CE (VC) Primary School, our scheme of work for computing is the ‘Teach Computing’ Curriculum and covers all aspects of the National Curriculum. This scheme was chosen as it has been created by subject experts and based on the latest pedagogical research. It provides an innovative progression framework where computing content (concepts, knowledge, skills and objectives) has been organised into interconnected networks called learning graphs. Staff will follow medium term plans with objectives set out in the Teach Computing Scheme. Pupils progress towards the objectives set out in the lessons, outcomes and work will be recorded by saving into an online file, meaning that we can collect and store work in one place.


We encourage our children to enjoy and value the curriculum we deliver. We want children to discuss, reflect and appreciate the impact computing has on their learning, development and wellbeing. Much of the subject-specific knowledge developed from our computing curriculum equip pupils with experiences which will benefit them in secondary school, further education and future workplaces. We want children to be confident using technology, but also recognise the impact and implications it can have if used inappropriately.

Computing Policy- 2022

Computing Knowledge and Skills Progression Overview