‘Chocolate by Design’ Trip Photos

KS2 had a fantastic visit to ‘Chocolate by Design‘ in Chesterfield. We arrived to be led through the small shop, on Packers Row, past the most delicious looking chocolates. More was to follow to tickle our senses. The aromas of chocolate greeted us as we descended the stairs into the cellars where all the handmade chocolates are made. Derek gave us a short talk about the origins of chocolate and how it is made, all the time quizzing the children to make sure they were listening. Sometimes chocolate bribes were used!

What we found out!
What we found out!

The best was to follow when we moved into the chocolate making room. We made chocolate mobile phones, fish, a massive egg and had a ‘decorating chocolate lolly’ competition. Of course we had to taste everything and we may just have got a little chocolate on ourselves!

‘From Farm to Fork’ Tesco visit photos

KS2 and Infant trips to Tesco extra, Clay Cross