Safeguarding and social media

Although social networking sites may appear to be the quickest and easiest way to express frustrations or concerns about the school ( and those associated with it) , it is rarely appropriate to do so. Other channels, such as private and confidential discussion with the school, or using the school’s formal complaints process are much better suited to this.

The following examples are inappropriate use of social networking sites. ( This list is non-exhaustive and intended to provide examples only)

  • making allegations about staff or pupils at the school
  • making complaints about the school or school staff
  • making defamatory statements about the school or staff at the school
  • posting negative or offensive comments about specific pupils or school staff
  • posting racist or homophobic comments
  • posting comments which threaten violence

Parents should also ensure that their children are not using social networking or internet sites in an appropriate manner. It is expected that parents and carers explain to their children what is acceptable to post online. Parents are also expected to monitor their children’s online activity, including in relation to their use of social media.