Damp and Dark
The school was flooded with smoke when the stove ( used for heating ) didn't work because the flue was blocked. Lessons had to start late.
20th Nov
Because the only form of heating was a stove, it was often cold and damp in the winter.
From 1895 they started to take the temperature of the school room. This record shows the temperature was 54 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Centigrade ) at 9.00am.
Dec 12th
The building was poorly lit which meant some lessons like needlework had to be postponed.
Nov 8th
we're watching you!
The boys urinal used to be in full view of the high road. It was also mentioned by an inspector that a wall should be built between the road and the toilet.
March 8th
The toilets did not flush, instead soil or sand was used to cover waste products (or was meant to have been!)
19th Jan