Children often missed school for different reasons, some examples are given below. Attendance was so bad, there was an attendance officer whose job was to chase up absentees. During the late 1800's, prizes were given to try to encourage better attendance.


In Victorian times, children missed school for special events such as Sangers Circus visiting town, Tea Parties, a Jubilee (25 June 1897) and a Royal Wedding (7 July, 1893). A national holiday was given on 25th May 1900, to celebrate the "Relief of Mafeking" (when Baden-Powell ended the 216 day siege against the Boer forces).

20 Oct
Children often missed due to bad weather such as rain, snow, sleet and hail because they had to walk to school.
30 June
Helping at Home
Children also missed school to help their parents at harvest time with hay making, berry picking and helping bring in the corn.
School Closed
The school was used for concerts, plays and choir practice. Which children were given half holidays for.
29 June
Late for Lessons
A broken bell was used as an excuse to arriving late to school as it was used to summon children to school for the morning and afternoon sessions.
4 July
Sickness (see page on health)