WANTED! Book List

Horrid Henry by NH Class 2

Horrid Henry by NH Class 2

We would like to create a list of books to buy to enhance our school reading library and we need your help. We want you to make suggestions for books that you would like to read or books that you would recommend to others. Perhaps there is a particular book that you have enjoyed and you would like to read more by the same author. Maybe you would like the next book in a series e.g. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Perhaps you have some really good recommendations that you think other children would enjoy. Send us your ideas. You could do some book reviews for the web site and school library too.

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WANTED! Book List — 54 Comments

  1. Great to hear from you Daniel and thank you for your suggestions, I am sure they would be very popular.

  2. Erm more selection of Jacqueline Wilson books, Keziah and I used to like them but at Highfields school library we have tons and tons of books.

  3. HL – We have copies of The Enormous Crocodile in school that you can borrow. Do you like the hall display based on the story? We’ll have to put a photograph on the site!

  4. Love to see some Jacquline Wilson books and Roald Dahl. Also some Enid Blyton books like Faraway Tree,

  5. Check out the reading library! We have ordered some of the books listed above and more are on the way.There is also a set of books based around the exciting stories and myths of Ancient Greece, with great illustrations.

    • Our six book set of the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ series of book seem to be very popular! Thank you for suggesting these LG.

  6. Horrid Henry Robs The Bank , Horrid Henry wants a Hip-Hop-Robot Dog but they’re too much money so he steals money from Peter.

  7. A lot of Class 2 seem to be enjoying the new batch of Horrid Henry books that we’ve added to the library. NH was inspired to draw a picture and list some words to describe Horrid Henry. Let us know which is your favourite Horrid Henry book. Perhaps you have read Horrid Henry’s Joke book and would like to share one of the jokes.

  8. Thanks for all your suggestions. We have some copies of war Horse in school now – have a look on the display area. We have also bought some others related to our War project eg Blitzed by Robert Swindells. This is about a boy called George, who is fascinated by World War Two. When he visits Eden Camp on a school trip he is mysteriously transported back to London during the Blitz.It’s a great plot that grips the reader from the start.

  9. What about the Jiggy McCue stories by Micheal Lawrence – The Killer underpants is great!

  10. Thank you ER for you suggestion of the Beast Quest series. We now have Series 10 and 11 in school for you to borrow.

  11. I think we should really have the hunger games books because they look really good!!!!!Thank you!!!

  12. Please could we have more books by Roy Apps because they are not very long and they have some good information.

  13. please could you get Julia Donaldson book (e.g. gruffalo, squash and a squeese ect) for woodpeckers. THANKS!

  14. please can we have Judy moody books 2, 12 and 11. AND can we also have the girl of ink and stars, demon dinner lady, the baby brother from outer space, my teacher is a vampire rat, phantom lollipop man,the spy who loved school dinners, baby aliens got my teacher, theres a wolf in my tent, brain freeze. Diary of a wimpy kid ugly truth,cabin fever,hard luck, long haul, old school, getaway, meltdown. THANKS IF YOU CAN GET THEM!!