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Junior children from the School contribute to the Brackenfield Well Dressings every year, which are on display during the May Spring Bank Holiday. The well dressings coincide with a flower festival in Brackenfield Church.

Stretton Handley Primary School Well Dressing 2012

This year's well dressings were on the theme of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and were on display over the extended bank holiday weekend. Our board depicted the Queen from different times during her reign.

How are Well Dressings Made?

Visit our "Well dressing information page" to view our 2002 Lowry well dressing in more detail and to see how it was made. Lowry well dressing Our Year 6 children have made a film about, "The Making of a Well Dressing". It won second place in a Derbyshire Digital Video Shorts Competition. Making well dressing video
Additional information about well dressings in Derbyshire, can also be found on the NE Derbyshire County Council website.

"Noah's Ark" - 2004
"The Princess and the Pea" - 2005
Noahs Ark well dressing
Princess and the Pea well dressing
"Christian Heritage, The Quakers" - 2006
"Famous People, Beatrix Potter" - 2007
The Quakers well dressing
Beatrix Potter well dressing
"The Story of Creation, All Kinds of Plants"
"Musical Theatre, The Lion King" - 2009
All kinds of plants
Lion King 2009
"Jesus Love the Little Children " - 2010
"Winter" - 2011
2010 Well Dressing
Winter - 2011

Earlier Stretton Handley Primary School Well Dressings

Saint Francis well dressing 1993
Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish - well dressing 2003
Well dressing 2000
Alice in Wonderland well dressing 1998
Photographs copyright Stretton Handley C of E Primary School .