Weather Links

BBC Schools - what is weather

What is weather and how does it affect the way we live (housing, clothes and leisure).

NGfL Cymru site

Set of weather activites for KS1 where children learn about the different weather symbols, how to describe the weather, write a forecast and show information in graphs.

Online activity to record the favourite weather for the class.

BBC Schools Barnaby Bear Weather Report

Weather Studio

Juicy Geography Weather Studio

The Weather Studio is a set of interactive web pages that are designed to be projected onto an interactive whiteboard. Students can present a realistic weather forecast using the pages. There are links to a synoptic pressure chart, and the current Europe infra-red satellite image on each page, which could also be used as part of the forecast.

Meteorological Office Primary School Resources

  Kent NGfL Weather Teaching Resources
Comprehensive information on possible activities as well as links to useful websites.