BBC Victorians BBC Schools - Victorians
The ‘Children in Victorian Britain’ website looks at the lives of children in the age of Queen Victoria. The site supports the programmes in the Landmark television series. There is also a teacher’s resource pack. The site is aimed at History Key Stage 2b (9-11 years). Excellent supporting videos and photos.
Stretton Handley School Victorian Logbook Extracts from a Victorian School Logbook
What our children found out about Victorian School Life from our own school logbook.
Woodlands web -Victorians Woodlands - Victorian homework help
Clearly written facts about all aspects of Victorian life, suitable for KS1 & KS2 children.
Channel 4 - Victorian Children 4 Learning - History
Children in Victorian Times
Your Area in Victorian Times
Virtual Victorians Virtual Victorians
Find out about the daily life of a Victorian family and interview them via e-mail, view real Victorian museum exhibits and work on a Victorian newspaper. Also includes teacher notes to make the most of this digital learning resource.
Victorian Powys For Key Stage 2 Victorian Powys For Key Stage 2
A wealth of information here giving an insight into life in this mid-Wales region during the Victorian era. Browse "Important Topics" for more general information or "Places in Powys" for information relating to specific places. For each town you will find links relating to education during this period, drawing on transcipts from real Victorian school logbooks.
Nettleworth Primary School - Victorians Nettleworth Primary School Victorian Page
Find out about the lives of children during Victorian times.
Learning Curve - victorians National Archives - Victorians KS2
What was Victorian Britain really like? A range of lessons about Victorians including access to workshops and video conferencing opportunities
Teacher Resources Nuffield Primary History - Victorian Britain