Earth in Space

Simulation Links here
Multimedia representations of the Earth's day and night, the seasons, solar and lunar eclipses, lunar phases and the motions of the planets
Follow this link for Solar System websites suitable for KS1
bbcspace2.gif - 5558 Bytes

BBC Science - Space

bbc revisewise space

BBC Revisewise - Earth in Space

zoomastromony2.gif - 4589 Bytes

Zoom Astronomy

bbcskyatnight2.gif - 2288 Bytes

The Sky at Night

leicesterspace2.gif - 5188 Bytes

Leicester University

astroforkids2.gif - 1567 Bytes

Astro for Kids

starchild2.gif - 7879 Bytes

Star Child(NASA site)

thespaceplace2.gif - 6783 Bytes

The Space Place (NASA site)

ROGsolarsystem2.gif - 6421 Bytes

Royal Obervatory Greenwich -The Solar System

nasakids2.gif - 15926 Bytes


thenineplanets2.gif - 6015 Bytes

The Nine Planets - full version

spacekids2.gif - 4380 Bytes

Space Kids (NASA site)

Schools' national observatory

The Schools' National Observatory

What shape is the moon?

Planets, moons and their dark side

great for whiteboard use

Space Wordsearch

Find the hidden words. These may be written horizontally, vertically or diagonally, and backwards or forwards. Click on the first letter of the word found and drag the cursor to the last letter.