Numeracy Resources Here you will find free maths resources such as spreadsheet files, logo procedure files, My World screens, data-files, plus numeracy products like Counting Machine, Starters, The Estimation Pack
Primary Resources Primary Resources
A very well organised set of resources submitted by teachers and the site host, Gareth Pitchford. Includes a rss feed blog and a forum to keep you up-to-date.
dfes standards site Lots of essential information here for the National Numeracy strategy including unit plans. Interactive teaching programs for use with a whiteboard or individual computers can be downloaded in the publications area (scroll down to near the bottom of the publications page!) Brilliantly organised set of links to interactive games and activities for teaching Numeracy in Primary Schools. Make this your first stop if you require an interactive activity for use with a whiteboard.
BBC Maths File Game Show Although designed for KS3, the lower levels of these great games could be used to introduce "Number, "Algebra", "Shapes, Space and Measure" and "Data handling" concepts in a fun way in the Junior classroom. Check out those prizes - guaranteed to get the kids coming back for more!
ICT Teachers - Mathematics and Numeracy Page Many resources available to download from here including, activities, policies, assessments and lesson plans
Fantastic Math Tricks by Marmalade Man What it says - Math tricks!
Mathematics Worksheet Factory Lite A free program to download which generates math worksheets Fun & games, teacher and pupil resources and many math links
Centre for Innovation in Mathematics This project is currently being piloted in the feeder primary schools of 10 of our secondary MEP schools. It is principally funded by PricewaterhouseCoopers, but with additional funding from ESSO, Corus, and the Garfield Weston Foundation. Much of the material developed for this initiative is based on a Hungarian Series, edited by Professor Sándor Hajdu at the Petö Institute in Budapest, and published by Müszaki Könyvkiadó. This has been adapted and modified for UK schools with the help of Professor Tibor Szalontai and Rita Szalontai.
Count On Count On is the continuation of Maths Year 2000 and will carry on the mission to popularise maths, making it a 'can-do' subject and promoting maths for all.
Internet math magazine for ks1  
CLEO - Teachers - Mathematics - RESOURCES AND FEATURES Many math resources from Cumbria Lancashire Education Online
Math Anarchy A number of maths investigations to download for KS2 pupils.
Maths online Non-members area of this maths resource web site. Includes online games ( eg virtual counting stick, data handling simulations) and worksheet generators.