Moving and Growing - KS2 Science

bbc pods mission BBC Pod's Mission
Arrange the bones correctly in the human skeleton and find out more about their function.
How the Body Works How the Body Works
Online demonstrations of how food travels through your intestines and how your eyes, muscles and lungs work.
Virtual frog dissection Virtual Frog Dissection Kit!
Dissect Fluffy the virtual frog and view with or without it's skin on and choose whether to view the skeleton, organs and nerves. Make movies and view from different angles.
Skeletons and Skulls Skeletons & Skulls - Sir Robert Hitcham's Primary School
A gallery of photographs showing the skulls and skeletons of a range of animals. Includes simple text explaining how each animal is adapted to it's way of life. A well presented resource for KS2 pupils. - ks2 science movement (Guardian Education Interactive) - Movement
Complete online lesson and resources for this KS2 unit of work for science. Includes an animation showing how muscles work and a test yourself section.
inside the human body A look inside the human body
A site written for children explaining how the main systems of the human body work.
BBC Mammal Maker BBC Nature - Mammals
Use the interactive Mammal Maker to put together skeletons of mammals adapted for different ways of life.
Digital brain - skeletons Digital Brain - Skeleton Unit
Find out all about skeletons (for KS2)