Find out what pencils are made out of and their history. How lead pencils don't have lead in them and rubbers are not made of rubber!

The British Glass website
Has several resources for schools including a free CDROM "Glassworks" which can be ordered at :Recycling Glass. Also check out the excellent history of glass, under "funky facts"

Find out how glass is made, why it is useful and how and why to recyle it.

online activities Materials for Key Stage 1: Online Activities
A great collection of activities which can be played online or downloaded.Suitable for whole class use with a whiteboard or individual work.

BBC Science Clips

The following QCA units for materials are included on this web site for which there are interactive experiments and quizzes. Each unit also has an associated set of teacher resources.
Sorting and using materials
Grouping and changing materials
Characteristics of Materials

Fosseweb Fossweb Wood and Paper