Life Processes and Healthy Living - KS2 Science

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Crickweb Crickweb KS2
This section of Crick school's excellent contains online interactive science resources which are perfect for whiteboard or individual use. Try the 'Healthy Living' activity, finding out about the different food groups then try the conveyor belt sorting activity. The 'Teeth' activity allows children to find out about the structure of teeth. (NB: Teachers notes are available if you click on the text links and the activities can be accessed by clicking on the pictures.)
Food a fact of life

Food - a Fact of Life

Thist web site provides a wealth of resources for teaching about healthy eating, cooking, food and farming from 3 to 16 years.

Watch cooking videos, try new recipes and play interactive games including putting together a health lunchbox and making a balanced plate.

BBC Teeth and Eating

BBC KS2 Bitesize - Teeth and Eating

The older BBC Science Clips activity on Teeth and Eating is still current and available as is the original Health and Growth activity.

Don't forget to search for relevant video clips for this topic at BBC Learning Zone Broadband Class Clips.


E2BN Cookit

Try out new recipes and add your own on this interactive web site designed to improve pupils' skills, understanding and enjoyment of food and healthy eating.

More information about this site can be found in the about section.


STEM - Eating and Drinking

A topic from the Association for Science Education aimed at students aged 8-12, focusing on nutrition and the links between diet and health. Students are able to reflect on the cultural significance of diet. The topic allows classes in schools across the world to exchange information about food and health.

The topic Food Glorious Food is an alternative to this topic which has a greater emphasis on foods from plants.

Cymru healthy living

Healthy Living - NGfL CYMRU teaching resources

A range of KS2 resources looking at nutrition, substance misuse, emotional health and exercise.

The nutrition section has resources for balanced diets and budgeting.

The website also has a resource section on Healthy Balance for KS1 and a further whiteboard resource on a balanced diet for KS3 .

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