BBC Bitesize electricity BBC KS2 Bitesize - Science (Previously Revisewise)
This section of the the Bitesize site has activities for "Changing Circuits" and "Electrical Conductors and Insulators"
BBC Schools Electricity BBC Schools Annie's Circuit Builder
Louie's Space Louie's Space - American Electric Power
Web site mainly concentrating on electrical safety and how we use electricity.
The Blobz guide to electric circuits
The Electricity Book
Simple flash animation which shows how electricity flows through a circuit. Predict whether a light bulb will light or not in six different circuits giving your reasons. Print your answers and check your predictions with a real bulb and battery.
Louie's Space Online Foundation stage/KS1 electricity quiz
Teacher's Resources Crocodile Clips Elementary
An excellent free electrical circuit simulation download. Can also be used to support QCA ICT schemes of work Unit 3D (Exploring simulations)
Additional Links Light and Electricity Links
A useful compilation of links for students and teachers