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Dinosaur Links

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Lots of information and activities about dinosaurs

build a dinosaur

Scholastic - Build a dinosaur

Put the parts together to create a dinosaur that really existed, or create an imaginary dinosaur of your own!

virtual dinosaur dig

Virtual Dinosaur Dig

Learn how to excavate a virtual dinosaur skeleton using the correct tools; transport a specimen and reconstruct it using this virtual dinosaur dig interactive.

LTS dinosaurs Dinosaur clipart (Learning and Teaching Scotland)
downloaddinosaur.gif - 4205 Bytes Download a dinosaur

Choose a dinosaur to print out and make a paper model

dinodictionary.gif - 10271 Bytes Dinosaur Dictionary

A large database of dinosaur facts. Hear how to say those names!

Show me dinosaurs

Show me Dinosaurs

Games and resources from the UK's museum, hallery and heritage secor.

surfing the net.gif - 2694 Bytes Dinosaur concentration puzzle
Dino Jigsaw
Dino Colouring Book
Dinosaur crossword
Dinosaur wordsearch
Dinosaur Jokes
walkingwithdinosaurs.gif - 8835 Bytes BBC Walking with the Dinosaurs
dinosaurfloor.gif - 5893 Bytes NASA Classroom of the Future - Dinosaur Floor

More dinosaur links

Science Net--Dinosaurs & Fossils Links (Internet Public Library)

Teacher's resources

Dinosaur recipes, songs, models

Dinosaur themed posters, factsheets