The Aztecs Pyramid of the Moon- Teotihuacan Ball game court - Monte Alban Feathered Serpent - Temple of Quetzalcoatl

nettlesworthprimaryaztec.gif Nettlesworth Primary School - Aztecs

Find out about different aspects of Aztec life

azteccalendarcalculator.gif Aztec Calendar calculator

Use this calendar converter to find out what your birth date is as an Aztec date

Aztecs at Mexicolore Aztecs at Mexicolore
This multimedia site is aimed primarily at teachers and pupils studying the Aztecs in schools in the UK. It has a huge range of resources on all aspects of Aztec life. There is also a special Aztecs for Kids microsite for primary aged children. Mexicolore is an artefact-based teaching team providing in-school workshops and teaching resources on the Aztecs.They also offer live interactive videoconferencing sessions with schools.
Think Quest - Aztecs

Information on Aztec events, life, culture, religion, rulers, technology and its conquest by the Spanish. Includes a couple of crossword puzzles

snaith aztec.gif Snaith Primary School - Aztecs

Stories and pictures about the Aztecs with activities including quizzes. You can also produce pieces of work online based on pictures depicting scenes of Aztec life, to which you can add your own words before printing the page

learning connections.gif The Learning Connections

Ideas and Resources to support a Primary Project about Aztecs using the Internet

Further links to explore

A printable worksheet for Aztec codices (teachingideas website)
Aztec lesson plans