Art links

Haring Kids
Web site created with funding from the Keith Haring Foundation. Many fun interactive activities for online and offline use. Includes lesson plans for teachers.
The National Gallery
Useful resources as well as an online gallery for a large number of artists and subjects

AccessArt Online Workshops

A range of workshops using interactive animated pages including casting models, willow stick models, sculpture, drawing and photography

I am an Artist I am An Artist
An Irish website aimed at primary school children. It comprises 30 short TV programmes (each 6 minutes in length) and an interactive website with factsheets, weblinks and interactive games on a wide range of visual arts topics, including painting, clay work, printing, using fabrics, construction and drawing.
  The virtual artroom
Although a website designed to help art and design teacher embed ICT and new media into the KS3/KS4 curriculum, It has many useful resources that may be useful at KS2.
David Farrer Sculpture
Education page for the Cottonian Collection
Art and Design education
maths and art - symmetry and tessellation