Anglo Saxons

BBC Schools - Anglo Saxons
This web site is designed to complement the 'BBC Zig-Zag Invaders' programme on 'The Anglo-Saxons'. It covers the National Curriculum requirements in History at Key Stage 2.
The British Museum - Anglo Saxon England
(This link will take you to the main Compass site - click on the Children's Compass link and then choose the Anglo Saxon England link from the Tours menu) This site includes a tour of Anglo Saxon artifacts with clearly presented pictures and information. The teacher resource section has a lesson plan and an activity sheet.
Britains Bayeux Tapestry
Here you can read the tale told by the Bayeux Tapestry. The entire Tapestry is available to view in sections, with a description above each. There is also and activity and resource page.
Homework help from Woodlands Junior School
As always a great set of links and clearly written information from this Junior school site.
Show Me - Anglo Saxons
Well presented set of links to interactives, news stories, teaching ideas and classroom resources- all to do with the Anglo Saxons.