Let’s go Fishing

On Sunday the 8th of June me and my dad went fishing at the Clay Cross Holmegate pond. At half past 5 we set off and by 6 we were casting out. For the first hour all we’d had was a few nibbles. About an hour after we moved over to a different spot. After about 20 minutes of my dad fishing elsewhere he struck big. As soon as he hooked it  he immediately shouted to me and told me to bring the landing net. As soon as he told me to bring the landing net my heart started beating like mad. After 10 minutes of fighting it we finally landed it! It was a huge common Carp.
Common Carp

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My Dog

Looby is my dog. She is a Bedlington cross Whippet. When we take Looby for a walk she runs off and comes back all muddy. Looby hates going in the bath  so she tries to hide behind the sofa  but it doesn’t work because she’s hidden there so many times!

Looby has got grey shaggy hair with black twinkling eyes. In the morning, when I let my dog out to do her business, she shoots to the top of the garden as if there is a stray cat. Kitty and Cleo (my two cats) are friends with Looby, but aren’t friends with each other. Looby is a funny dog; I don’t mean she is a clown, I mean she likes me, my mum, my dad, my sister, and Steven, but she doesn’t like anyone else.

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Daisy and Dandelion

My two guinea pigs live in a big hutch ,and have another huge hutch to run around in when it is sunny. They have toy  so that when they go to sleep, they can snuggle up together and have a good night sleep. Daisy is a brown guinea pig with bright blue eyes that twinkle in the sun.

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Bird watching – in class!

In class this afternoon I saw a bird go in the car park bird box. I think it was a blue tit. It kept poking its head through the hole in the box and one time when it flew away I saw these little fluffy things peeping out – the babies! Then the blue tit came back with something in its beak and it went in to the box; it must have been feeding the babies.

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My Pet Jemima

My parrot is very small, she likes to chew and bite. This is because she is losing her feathers and she is very stressed. She is still friendly and her feathers on her back are beautiful and she is growing new wing feathers and can nearly fly. She whistles really really loud!

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Great Guides

Claws, Kezz girl and I go to Guides.
Last year we went to Guide camp in the Summer. When we arrived, we had to start setting up our tent, it was a very old fashioned tent indeed! Then we had to put our sleeping bags and our ruck sacks inside. After that everyone had lunch and found out what jobs we had to do. Claws, Kezz girl and I had the first Cooking Job.

Every day, we had room inspection but one day a lady came to camp and inspected our tents to see how tidy our tents were. When she inspected the tents she gave out a golden mallet to the tidiest tent and the tidiest tent was…”MY TENT”! We got the golden mallet. At 11 O’clock at night everyone had to go to sleep, but… in our tent there was another girl who kept shouting out.

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Lea Green 2012!

I can’t wait for Lea Green this year but I hope we don’t do the stream walk! I thought last years stream walk was terrible. We had to do it in the rain and it was freezing, it took about an hour to get to the top of the stream and my wellies were full of water. I was also wearing a special waterproof coat which wasn’t exactly waterproof because it was soaking! At the end of the stream walk we walked back to the house and because it was already lunch time we had to get changed really fast. However, I was struggling to get my jeans off because they were soaked with water and my hair was wet because I had slipped during the stream walk.

At Lea Green the food is scrumptious and smells lovely and they always have enough food to feed everyone. LEA GREEN IS AMAZING! so why don’t you go because when I went it was really fun?

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Go Footie!

footballI like football and  it is probably my favourite sport – EVER! I’m not sure why I like it; I’m not a boy I’m a Girl!  I absolutely love football. I usually play on Tuesday to Thursday school days [note-Monday and Friday are Buddie and Mini leader days]. Last summer, in 2012, I was so scared of the ball I cried every time it hit me! But now, no crying just screaming when it REALLY hurts. A lot of boys and girls play footie like FB, Hazzer, Kita and The Hunter. Sometimes at home my sisters play football and it’s really fun!

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Minecraft screen shotMinecraft is a PC and iPhone/ipad game. You would never belive this, it’s a world made out of cube blocks! There are animals in minecraft and they are cows, chickens, sheep dolphins, sharks and many more. You can build houses and anything you what to.  Minecraft is a world of your own but watch out at night because zombies, spiders, skeletons, creepers and other terrifying things will attempt to kill you! Go to explore a new world ! On Minecraft you can join other severs to play with people online, also people can invite you to Minecraft quests. Minecraft costs around fourteen to fifteen pounds on PC, on iphone/ipad you can try out the free version and after that, if you like it, you can  buy it. Also you can mine for diamonds, gold and even find a spawner.

So, why don’t you go and download Minecraft now?

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Pro-kick Challenge 2013

Pro-kick is when you have to kick a ball in to a big inflatable goal. It has sensors in it so when you kick the ball it tels you how fast you kick the ball.before you do anything you had to try to get to £25.00 for some sponsor money because we wanted to raise money for charity. Pro-Kick Challenge

On Wednesday 17th April 2013 we had our Pro-kick Challenge and parents were allowed to come and watch. Mr Cooke kicked the fastest: 51.7mph!

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All about Peregrine Falcons

Juvenile Peregrine 009Today at school the Peregrine falcon people, from the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project, came and told us all about Peregrine falcons.  They brought in a real -dead -stuffed falcon, and told us all about the Peregrine falcons on Derby Cathedral.  They also showed us lots of pictures of the falcons.  They showed us video footage of baby Peregrine  falcons and answered all our questions.

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FIFA 13Fifa 11, which is a football game,  is not very good because when you see the players their faces are smudged. This seems to be true for all games consoles. Fifa 13 is way way better because the graphics are better and the teams are better as well.

The only good players are Torres, Ronaldo and Messi. you can be any team in the world. My favourite team is Derby County, because I support them, and I hate Forest because they are our rivals!  With the controller you can, chip, pass, shoot, and long pass.

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