Misty and Snow

Hello it’s me Kissa. I have 2 cute rabbits called Misty and Snow. They are the cutest rabbit’s in the world and they are my sister’s rabbits. Misty is brown all over and Snow is white with a splodge of black on one eye, a splodge of light brown on the other eye and a little patch of brown on her back. They are both girls and are very cute. They eat pellets, straw and they love treats!

Misty is cheeky and Snow is really fast. I can always see Misty in my house sniffing everything and she is also really funny when she yawns because you can see her rabbit teeth.

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2 Responses to Misty and Snow

  1. Lj says:

    They are sooo cute

  2. L p says:

    Awww! Your bunnies are soooooo cute!!!!!!!!

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