Lea Green is Awesome

High ropes

High ropes

At Lea Green it was awesome. Me and my friends were goofing around in our rooms and stuffed a lot of sweets in our mouths.The food at Lea Green is really, and I mean really, nice and we always have pudding! It was the best year ever but it was the last time the present Year Sixes will ever go to Lea Green.

I HAVE BRILLIANT NEWS!!! I am going to Lea Green with guides! We will be going on the high ropes like we did on our residential.The high ropes is a fun course where the aim is to believe in yourself and try and push yourself higher. It is about 30 feet in the air, maybe higher. There are 8 courses on the high ropes and some of the courses you can have a race and go on with your friend. This time I’m only going for the day.

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