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Book Wishlist

If you have any books you would like to see in the school library, please visit this link and leave a comment.

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About Jaqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson is a very famous book writer for children. She has written over 101 books for children and 2 adult books.She likes to write as if she’s in the story being the characters. Jacqueline Wilson  is a great entertainer … Continue reading

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The Beast Quest

Hi Danthemans back here with great news. I’m here to tell you about a series of books called Beast Quest. The author of these amazing books is called Adam Blade.  He is in his late twenties and he was born in … Continue reading

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Jacqueline Wilson The Mum-Minder!

The Mum-Minder by Jacqueline Wilson is a great book!!! This book is about a girl called Sadie and her Mum, who is a Mum-Minder for 4 children (including her own baby daughter Sara). Nine year old Sadie enjoys helping her mum look … Continue reading

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Jacqueline Wilson “Bad Girls”!

Bad girls is an amazing book, it also appeals to people who have been bullied or known someone who has been bullied. The main characters are Mandy and Tanya. The girls met through a window talking but Tanya is 4 years older … Continue reading

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