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Class 3 – 31th March Spellings

telescope, telephone, television, teleport, telephoto, automatic, autograph, automobile, autobiography, autoharp, automation, circumstance, circumference, circumnavigate, transport, transit, transform, transplant, transparent, transatlantic.

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Class 3 spellings for 17 March

don’t, doesn’t, haven’t, couldn’t, they’ve, you’ve,we’re, weren’t, shan’t, won’t, would, should, could, were, where, always, again. Listen to the spellings

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Class 3 Spellings for 7th March

deepen, education, creation, stupidity , hardness, happiness, prettiness, kindness, laziness, curiosity,comfortable, enjoyable, breakable, movable, forgivable, valuable, historic, magic, cleric, mystic

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Spellings of 17-05-10

brighten, Brighton, lesson, lessen, stationary, stationery, dew, due, meter,metre, current, currant, aural, oral, principal, principle

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Sats Next Week

Year 6 revision work 7th May 2010 Level 4/5 English Look at the reading comprehension pages in the black books and the exercises in the white books-correct your ansewrs or see if you could have improved on them. Also look … Continue reading

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y5-y6 spellings 29th March

quest, question, quiver, quibble, quarry, queue, quantity, quarrel, quagmire, quality, cheque, oblique, physique, antique, grotesque, picturesque

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y5-6 spellings for 22/03/10

metre        centre        theatre        acre spectre        treasure        edible           incredible fable          stable           cable          table trouble       people       muddle        beetle good luck practice makes perfect!

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Spellings for the 7th of March

revise, return, replay, review, reflect, remember, repeat, reaction, rebellion, rebound, refresh, retreat, revenge, reverse, retrieve, recycle.

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YR 5 and 6 Spellings for 8.02.10

Hear Your Spellings! press pause between each word. primary, primate, primrose, Prime Minister, prima donna, incredible, creditable, credulous, incredulous, credential, credible, credit, prime number, primula, prime, primarily,

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Spelling words 1 February 2010

Listen to your spellings , press pause between each word. Technology, mythology, ecology, zoology,biology,geology,ornithology astrology,archaeology,campanology,terminology,meteorology,microbiology, criminology,psychology,anthropology

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Yr 5 and 6 Spellings for Monday 25th Jan 2010

external extreme exact expel exaggerate excavate excellence excellent exit exclaim except exchange exceed exclusive excursion exhaust

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Year 5/6 Spellings – 16th March

click to hear your spellings electrician, optician, magician, politician, physician, musician, ration, station, invitation, multiplication, creation, elation, foundation, translation, communication, education

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