Book Wishlist

booksIf you have any books you would like to see in the school library, please visit this link and leave a comment.

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Christmas Coffee Afternoon and Fair

We will be having a Christmas coffee afternoon and fair. It will be at Stretton Handley Primary School (postcode DE55 6FH)  on Friday 5th December,  2pm-3pm and will be hosted by Class 3.

If you don’t like coffee then you’ll probably like tea, warm yourself up it’s that time of year,chilly and coldthere will be fun for the young and the old. There will be a Raffle, Pin the Carrot on the Snowman, Bottle Tombola, Guess the Number of Chocolates, and lots of other festive fun – come along and have a bun!!!!!


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My Cute Cats

I have two cats. Tippi  is really cute and is tiny. She has six toes on her back feet and has five toes on her front feet! I love my pet cat Tippi sssooo much!   I can pick her up like a baby and hug her.

My other cat, Missy,  is 12 years old. We have only had her for 2 years and  we got her when she was 10 from a cat rescue centre. I  like to sit and stroke her in front of the TV at night. She is rather heavy but I can still pick her up!



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My Gorgeous Gerbils

   My gerbils are called Ziggy and Zebra.  They are really cute because they are small and fluffy.  Zebra is called Zebra because she has black and white stripes, she is a bit chubby!  Ziggy is black with a white bib. They like to play in their cage.  They have a lot of cardboard boxes and they chew them to make their bedding.  They have a little blue house with a tiny window in the front near the small door.

I really like to hold my gerbils when we clean out their cage. 


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Misty and Snow

Hello it’s me Kissa. I have 2 cute rabbits called Misty and Snow. They are the cutest rabbit’s in the world and they are my sister’s rabbits. Misty is brown all over and Snow is white with a splodge of black on one eye, a splodge of light brown on the other eye and a little patch of brown on her back. They are both girls and are very cute. They eat pellets, straw and they love treats!

Misty is cheeky and Snow is really fast. I can always see Misty in my house sniffing everything and she is also really funny when she yawns because you can see her rabbit teeth.

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My Loombands Business

I sell loombands for 20p each I only really make chains because I’m not very good at any others. I’ve made a pound so far but I’ve only sold them to my family so I’m hoping to sell them to my whole street and make a fiver.


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UCD the Best Team in Fifa 14

UCD_LogoFifa 14 is my favourite game on Xbox 360. I used to play as Arsenal and Derby and now I play as UCD the baddest team on Fifa! UCD are an Irish football team. I did the FA cup with them and lost 10-0 by Man city ( this is because they only have 1 and a half stars). The stars on Fifa means how skilful they are.


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My pet dogs

My pet dog is called Dolly she is a Springer spaniel. I also have 2 more dogs one called Flynn and one called Skippy (both springer spaniels). Dolly is very fast and cute. Flynn is quite smelly but he is very strong! Skippy is old and slow. We take them walks in our field in Woolley Moor.

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Lea Green is Awesome

High ropes

High ropes

At Lea Green it was awesome. Me and my friends were goofing around in our rooms and stuffed a lot of sweets in our mouths.The food at Lea Green is really, and I mean really, nice and we always have pudding! It was the best year ever but it was the last time the present Year Sixes will ever go to Lea Green.

I HAVE BRILLIANT NEWS!!! I am going to Lea Green with guides! We will be going on the high ropes like we did on our residential.The high ropes is a fun course where the aim is to believe in yourself and try and push yourself higher. It is about 30 feet in the air, maybe higher. There are 8 courses on the high ropes and some of the courses you can have a race and go on with your friend. This time I’m only going for the day.

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Let’s go Fishing

On Sunday the 8th of June me and my dad went fishing at the Clay Cross Holmegate pond. At half past 5 we set off and by 6 we were casting out. For the first hour all we’d had was a few nibbles. About an hour after we moved over to a different spot. After about 20 minutes of my dad fishing elsewhere he struck big. As soon as he hooked it  he immediately shouted to me and told me to bring the landing net. As soon as he told me to bring the landing net my heart started beating like mad. After 10 minutes of fighting it we finally landed it! It was a huge common Carp.
Common Carp

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My Dog

Looby is my dog. She is a Bedlington cross Whippet. When we take Looby for a walk she runs off and comes back all muddy. Looby hates going in the bath  so she tries to hide behind the sofa  but it doesn’t work because she’s hidden there so many times!

Looby has got grey shaggy hair with black twinkling eyes. In the morning, when I let my dog out to do her business, she shoots to the top of the garden as if there is a stray cat. Kitty and Cleo (my two cats) are friends with Looby, but aren’t friends with each other. Looby is a funny dog; I don’t mean she is a clown, I mean she likes me, my mum, my dad, my sister, and Steven, but she doesn’t like anyone else.

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Daisy and Dandelion

My two guinea pigs live in a big hutch ,and have another huge hutch to run around in when it is sunny. They have toy  so that when they go to sleep, they can snuggle up together and have a good night sleep. Daisy is a brown guinea pig with bright blue eyes that twinkle in the sun.

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